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Born: 1990    /    Record: 2, 1:58,3; 3, 1:53,4; 1:53    /    Purse: USD 1,300,946

Multiple World Champion.

At 2, undefeated in 13 starts, Winner Maryland Standardbreds Race Fund S. (2 divs.) at Rosecroft and Maryland Sires S. (8 divs.).

At 3, winner Maryland Standardbred Race Fund S. at Rosecroft, Speedy Scots S. at Lexington and Greyhound Stake at Lexington and Maryland Sire S. (5 divs.) at Rosecoft; second in Yonkers Trot (final) and Gait Stake at Maywood; third in Beacon Course Trot (elim.).

At 4, winner American-National (elim. & final-track record), Su Mac Lad Series (final-stakes record), Hanover Shoe and Provenzano Trot(final). As aged voted 1995 U.S.T.A. Aged Horse Trotter of the Year and winner of American-National Stakes (final), Nat Ray Trot, Titan Cup, Finlandia-Ajo, Gran Premio Freccia d’Europe, Elitlopp (elim)

S.J.’s Photo is declared “Elithingst” in Sweden.

S.J.’s Photo is 158 cm

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